Komponentbaserad underhållsstrategi : Undersökning och utveckling av arbetsprocess för underhållsberedning

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Luleå tekniska universitet/Drift, underhåll och akustik; Luleå tekniska universitet/Drift, underhåll och akustik

Sammanfattning: Implementation of common and sustainable working methods is highly valued for Scania IM.The aim of their maintenance work is to increase availability to enable production targets. Themaintenance work should be safe with regard to human and environment, cost-effective andbased on suitable maintenance strategies. In order to achieve this, a common standardized workprocess is required for how Scania IM will work in the preparation phase of the components.The purpose of this degree project was to investigate how a new workflow can be used todevelop appropriate maintenance and stock strategies for components. The work was delimitedto analyze eighteen components, distributed over nine different subsystems in a multi-operationmachine.The project began with a meeting on Scania IM where the work process and the research objectwere presented. Relevant literature was selected and the selected research object was dividedinto different subsystems. Based on these subsystems, components were selected to beinvestigated. The work process was divided into two parts, process for maintenance strategyand process for stock strategy. In order to determine the appropriate maintenance strategy forthe components, interviews were applied. Interviewers were selected according to the technicalarea of the specific component. The stock strategy process was not complete as it was missinga systematic approach. This approach was subsequently developed into a new, expanded workprocess according to the preferences of the company. Afterwards, appropriate stock strategieswere selected through data collection and interviews.All components were assigned storage and maintenance strategies based on the characteristicsof each component, i.e. probability of failure, consequences of failure and lead time.Developing an appropriate maintenance strategy, which corresponds to the first part, turned outto be easier than determining the appropriate stock strategy. However, it turned out that the firstpart had an unclear decision point - to determine if failure modes occurred regularly or not.There was no definition of the concept of regular failures, which may have contributed to nocomponent being assigned predetermined maintenance as a strategy. Therefore, this isrecommended to be done in order for the process to be useful and correct.This degree project shows that the new work process can be used to develop appropriatemaintenance and storage strategies, provided that the person using the process has sufficientknowledge in the subject. The work process is meant to be used by maintenance staff, and musttherefore be verified before it can be established as a standardized working method.

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