Additiv tillverkning och lönsamhet – Ekonomisk analys och utveckling av två komponenter till en elbil

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Produktutveckling

Sammanfattning: Ecoist AB is developing a three-wheeled electric car with two seats. Two components for the vehicle have been examined: the upper wishbone in the front wheel suspension and a bushing that is mounted in this wishbone. The goal of the thesis has been to examine any potential functional or economic advantages of manufacturing these using 3D-printing. Different ways of producing the components have been investigated and information has been gathered to compare costs for different manufacturers of 3D-printed components. The cost of purchasing 3D-printed bushings from a supplier has been compared with buying ready-made standard bushings, as well as printing the bushings in one’s own 3D printer. The cheapest option has turned out to be to 3D-print the component oneself. Therefore, a method has been developed to manufacture bushings in a soft material in a printer that Ecoist currently has access to. During the development work, there have been recurring problems with incomplete prints of the bushing. The developed method should be reliable but has not been tested on a large scale to determine if interruptions in the printouts will be a problem. Limited tests of the bushings’ mechanical properties and resistance to various environmental factors have been carried out. The tests have given good results, but more tests should be done to ensure the properties of the bushings. As cost data for Ecoist's current wishbone solution has been missing, no direct cost-comparison has been possible for this component. At the time of writing, it has also not been decided how the wishbones will be manufactured. Since it is possible that the wishbones might be 3D-printed, a topology optimization has been made of the wishbone to produce a geometry that is optimized for 3D printing. The conditions for this work have been simplified and the work has resulted in a basis for a method that can be developed further.

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