Från Patient till Kund - En kvalitativ studie av kundbegreppet med fokus på sjukhus som bolag

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: The comprising reform of the public sector has led to businesses increasingly been identified and considered as organizations. Organizations are characterized by being bound to the current business environment, can be measured with quantitative and qualitative measures against other organizations and controlled strategies against set targets. Research has since the mid 90's studied the New Public Management and other implementations of governance forms that have emerged from our welfare. What happens at the pre-management-controlled organizations in the welfare sector, which come under the Corporate Governance? My paper will deal with the customer concept in health care with a focus on the period when Helsingborg Hospital was operated as a company and how the chiefs of the staff coped to identify their values during this period of time. The paper is also based on findings of previous studies and the theory of organizational identity. The thesis is a qualitative study based on the interviewees' own experiences and thoughts from that time. The purpose of my study was to investigate whether the organization, as part of the welfare state, looked at their clients depending on whether they were named as patients or customers, and how it was controlled from an organizational identity perspective. With other words, is the view on how the workplace’s organizational structure changed if it is controlled based on an economic issue? The result shows that the organization went into a different identical phase during the years as a corporation. They implemented a financial and corporative approach with great reservations for the customer concept since it was considered by many to be too far from the organization’s base core.

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