Kulturen med en twist : En studie av fyra lokaler från trattbägarkulturen på Gotland.

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för arkeologi och antik historia


This thesis analyses the Funnel Beaker Culture on the island of Gotland. Since no comprehensive studies of the remains of the pottery have been made, this is one of the reasons why I chose to study this topic. The purpose of this study is to analyze the pottery and to discuss the chronological and spatial implications. Four sites from the Funnel Beaker Culture on Gotland are studied; Mölner/Gullarve, Gräne, Ardags and Suderkvie. Ceramic samples are analyzed with respect to its ornament and it is discussed if the pottery found at various sites are contemporary. This is done by comparing with pottery from Funnel Beaker sites in Scania. A comparison with Öland is also made, mainly with the site of Runsbäck. Another well excavated Funnel Beaker site is discussed, Skogsmossen in Västmanland. Finally, I have done a detailed spatial analysis of the site Mölner/Gullarve, with focus on the area of Gullarve, to understand the distribution of the ceramics and some of the flint material. This is an attempt to discuss the relations between Gullarve and Mölner, as well as all the sites regionally and their possible interregional relationships with Öland and the Swedish mainland. This thesis has shown that it is possible that the site of Mölner/Gullarve might belong to the earlier part of the early Neolithic era whilst the sites Gräne and Suderkvie might belong to the later part of the same period. Ardags has been a complicated site to date and seem to have been of importance to the people for a long time. The spatial analysis of Mölner/Gullarve has shown that some flint-artifacts have seemingly been more common on Gullarve whilst ceramics seems to have been more common on Mölner. Other things that have been discussed is the possibility of a megalithic tomb near the site of Suderkvie and that the site of Ardags should be further discussed out of a perspective of possible ertebølle-pottery.

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