Stilstudie - Katherine Mansfield och Stephen King

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för kultur- och medievetenskaper

Sammanfattning: In this essay I will present a stylestudy of he New Zeeland born author Katherine Mansfield, 1888 - 1923 and american master of horror, Stephen King, born 1947. The main focus is to analyze how they use the literary tools of time, place and focalisation and to make a literary experiment where I practise the learnings I have made.  I will try to answer how the authors use time, place and focalisation in the novels? In my literary experiment, can I find the differences and similarities? I have studied two shortstorys: Katherine Mansfields The Garden Party and from Stephen King, 1922.I read my first short story from Mansfield and King more than twenty years ago and over the years they have stayed in my memory as strong and positive experiences of reading. My aim is to learn more about the author's style with special attention to time, place and focalisation.  The tools for this is studies of their works in connection to these three concepts and a literary experiment where I try to mimic the authors. In this my work I have found similarities and differencies between the two authors. Differencies coming from the different times when they write: Mansfield from early 1900  modernism and romanticism and King contemporary literature and horror. I have deepened my understanding of place and time and captured new knowledge about focalization, a term that was new to me as I started the course. Both authors write chronologically over different timespace (one day and a decade). They use dialogue, both internal and external. They switch between external nd internal/varied internal focalization wich makes the novels fascinating and intriguing. I have found that is is possible to cross the style of the tho authors and create a credible story.

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