På vilket sätt framställs skolbiblioteket? : En studie av två fackliga tidskrifter med fokus på skolbibliotekets innehåll och funktion

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: School libraries have been included in the School Law since July 2011. However despite the law there are no clear descriptions of what a school library must contain or how it should be used as a learning resource in schools. Significant factors for the successful pedagogical function of a school library, is cooperation between the school librarian and the teaching staff. Support from the school management and local administrative documents that define the school library’s role are also important for establishing a solid school library. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to examine in what way school libraries are presented in two union magazine journals for school professionals, by using discourse analysis as a theoretical foundation and as a method. Six main types of discourses appeared which relates to the content and function of school libraries. According to the fundamental principles of discourse analysis the texts from the magazines are to be considered as a social construction of reality rather than a genuine description of the school libraries. Furthermore, this essay contains an interpretation of the language found in the texts selected from the magazines. Several of the six discourse types confer with the image of school libraries as found within the Library and Information Science research field. Surprisingly, there is very little to be found with regard to the school library and its role in the digitizing of schools. Similarly there are very few concrete examples illustrating how the school library and the school librarian work in practice.

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