Gemenskapen. Försoningsstrid i Borås frikyrka under 1970-talet

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Sammanfattning: This master is about a conflict that took place in the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden during the nineteen-seventies. In a church known as “Immanuelskyrkan”, located in the city of Borås, west of Sweden. The title in Swedish goes by the word “försoningsstrid” (battle of reconciliation), that word has a double meaning. The Mission Covenant Church of Sweden was founded in the nineteenh century after a struggle between the priest Waldenström and the state church. The conflict was called “försoningsstriden”, they were arguing about how the sacrifice of Jesus would bring reconciliation to humanity. During the conflict in Borås in the nineteen-seventies, the younger part of the congregation created study groups with the intention to learn more about the Bible. The groups gradually became more and more independent. At first, the board in the congregation was happy to see more young people coming to the church. Later, the board became more critical when the young moved to collectives, also in areas in the town that was considered less good. It all escalated when one of the leaders of the group didn´t get his employment renewed in the church. The young left the church and created a network that was called “Gemenskapen” (the Community). In this master, we will try to see why the group started, also why the conflict became so bitter and never reached any reconciliation. This incorporate the second underlying meaning of the word “försoningsstrid”. Other authors have partly examined the subject (notably Knut Frohm and Arne Olsson) but they never came to any final conclusion. Olsson use Victor Turners theory of Liminal Community and Wallace revitalization movement in his work. There Olsson tried to find reconciliation as the final stage of the movement, this master will go deeper down the path to look for signs of reconciliation. In the end, we will find no such things between the Immanuelskyrkan and the “Gemenskapen”. Why? Because the climatic break was a result of the tolerant and liniment atmosphere in the Covenant Immanuelschurch. The younger generation who started the “Gemenskapen” was much more conservative, biblistic and fundamentalistic than their parents in the congregation. We will also question if Turners/Wallace theory is in need of some own revitalization, especially, in the end phase which maybe is a little to deterministic.

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