Undersökning av den baltiska moränleran vid Svalöv, NV Skåne

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Geologiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: A classical field of Quaternary research in Skåne is the subdivision of tills in different stratigraphical units; each one related to a certain ice-stream. North of Svalöv, western Skåne, there is a very sharp boundary between two till-types, usually called Low Baltic till and Northeastern till. More recent investigations carried out by Lagerlund (1980) in other parts of western Skåne have showed that the so called Low Baltic till mainly consists of a glaciomarin sediment - Lund till/Lomma clay - including diamicton dropped by iceberg. From this new point of view an investigation of the soil around the abovementioned till-boundary north of Svalöv was carried out. To determine the position of the boundary a map of the Quaternary deposits was made. Drillings for investigations close to the boundary were performed and the study was completed by stratigraphical studies of pits. The investigation thus carried out shows that the so called Baltic till constitutes a diamicton clay of a very heterogeneous composition including layers of sorted clay and sand. This result is in accordance with the model of the genesis of the glaciomarine unit Lund till/Lomma clay.

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