Från virtuell till verklig trygghet : En undersökning om hur människor själva skapar trygghet när online-dating blir offline-dating

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för samhällsvetenskaper; Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för samhällsvetenskaper

Sammanfattning: The purpose of the paper is to give a detailed description to provide a better understanding of what strategies women use when online dating and in real life. The purpose of the paper is to identify how women create a sense of security for themselves, to make the leap from online communication to meeting an unknown male in the real world. For those two unknown people to take the step to meet each other face to face, there should be a kind of trust between them, how it is created, and what factors it is that determines that a meeting in real life will take place. In this essay, it has applied a qualitative method along with six thematically open interviews in which the informants have been women aged 20-30 years. In order to analyze the empirical approach, Sztompkas and Giddens's theory of trust and security have been used together along side Goffmans concept of front and backstage and other concepts are included as well. An analysis of the empirical material was found, the results showing that women often use fairly common strategies to create security in itself. These were as such, selecting a meeting place that is public and collecting information about the person they are meeting in advance using other channels of social media such as Facebook,Tinder, etc. This indicates that there is a general underlying concern about who the person really is on the other side of the computer screen/mobile screen. It also shows that the women are consciously or subconsciously using strategies to build up a sense of security among themselves before meeting with an unknown male. Keywords: Back stage, front stage, online dating, offline, online, role, security, social interaction, Tinder och trust.

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