Mellan handlingsfrihet och regler - Första linjens chefers syn på möjligheten att påverka sitt handlingsutrymme

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Author: Suzanna Falck and Pernilla Wagland Title: Between discretion and rules - First-line managers' views on the possibility to influence. [translated title] Supervisor: Karin Kullberg Assessor: Christina Erneling The aim of our study was to examine how the relationship between rules and discretion was seen by first-line managers in the municipal eldercare. What interested us was what discretion meant in practice. We chose to interview first-line managers because that position can be problematic when one is in a so-called intermediate position. We also chose to examine different factors affecting their use of discretion. One factor we studied was what the first-line managers felt most controlled by, for instance the requirements from their staff and their superior managers. One of our purposes was to find out if the first-line managers felt they could influence how their department operates. We also wanted to find out if they thought they had something to say, if they thought their opinion counted and if it would make a difference. Some of our most interesting results were: • The majority of our interview subjects considered that the requirements are perceived as higher by staff and relatives than by politicians and superior managers. • First-line managers are controlled by the laws they need to follow, such as the Social Services Act, the Health Act and the Work Environment Act. • Politicians and social welfare board decisions, budgets, policies and savings requirements are also something that controls the first-line managers. • Despite the intermediate position the majority of our interview subjects considered that they had great potential to influence and change. Much of the work as first-line manager is limited by budget and savings requirements, but our interview subjects have nonetheless given us a positive image of their freedom of action.

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