Incorporating digital gaming and applications in the classroom and its effects on motivation and learning among EFL learners

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Malmö universitet/Lärande och samhälle

Sammanfattning: This research synthesis investigates the complex theme of how motivation is affected by the use of digital games and applications while learning a second language. A solid overview of the leading motivation theories in second language learning is presented. Based on these motivational theories in second language learning, educational publications are reviewed to find the effects on L2 learner motivation when teachers use digital games and applications in the classroom. In order to find the adequate compilation of studies we have searched peer- reviewed publications not older than the publishing year 2014. It was found that the usage of digital games and applications in the classroom increases intrinsic motivation in L2 learning. These games need to be entertaining and fun in order to keep the young L2 learners motivated. The synthesis also revealed that frequent gamers outperform non-gamers in L2 English. The limitations of this synthesis are that there is still little research available among the age group of young L2 learners.

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