Säkerhet, risker och stress : en deskriptiv fallstudie av ramppersonalens arbetsmiljö

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från KTH/Ergonomi

Sammanfattning: This study had the standpoint in the terms that refers to ground handlers on a Swedish airport. The risks involved in loading and unloading the goods. The issue grew as the knowledge increased about the Human, Technology and Organisation (HTO). The part of the background content elements and concepts touching stress, concept of safety, safety at the airports. The aim of this study was to describe if the safety, risks eventually influences ground handlers by stress linked to loading and unloading of aircrafts. To picture the association between them, HTO and demand-control-support perspective where used. The study didn´t cover goals of interventions. The study design in use where the descriptive case study. Methods in use where individual interviewing, focus group interviewing, participant observation with so called full involvement on the ramp. Selection of participant where based on staff on duty. Member of the leadership did de selection guided by the scheduled interviews. The study comprehended the importance of working schedule, organisation issues, deliberately assumption of risk and a high risk of accident. Support from nearest and highest leadership was high. There were indications about the importance of social support and sense of security in the team. Most concerned newly employed. The importance of the type of aircraft, problems connected with narrow bodied aircrafts. Keep on the work to change this type of aircraft, above all else on nightly goods aircrafts will radically improve the ergonomics and safety. Next scientific work suggested to look at the connection between the equipment used by load, unloading and stress. When the type of aircrafts has been changed look at the impact on stress, risks and safety. Also suggested scientific work to look at the organisation of work in and between the team. How the organisation works out practically on the ramp, between ground handlers and custom service and between ground handlers and the leadership. Next scientific work could also look closer to the hypothetical causal model described in this work. Aimed to enhance and develop the systematic work environment management (SAM).

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