Employer Branding och dess interna och externa betydelse

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Pedagogik

Sammanfattning: Due to the number of changes in the labor market, it is of high importance that organizations form strategies to attract, develop and maintain employees. One of these current strategies are referred to as Employer Branding, which can be viewed as the package of the functional, economic and psychological benefits provided by employment, and identified with the employing company. This study is a qualitative study with the purpose of examine how Employer Branding as a strategy is used to attract, develop and maintain employees within an organization. Further, this study aims to examine how a number of employees perceive the organization as an employer. In order to examine this thesis we have used qualitative interviews as a method for gathering data within the organization that has been examined. First, an interview with Head of Employer Branding within the organization has been carried out followed by interviews with six employees. In conclusion, we note that our results have shown that Employer Branding is a complex strategy with several areas that needs to be considered. The results have shown that the organization defines and works with this process as an ongoing cycle, where all the aspects have influence on one another. Also, it has been clear that the Head of Employer Branding and the employees have a similar idea of what the organization as an employer stands for, what values they have and what is offered by the Employer Value Proposition. In the field of research, this study has contributed with an organizational as well as an employee perspective on Employer Branding. In terms of further research, we suggest that a larger sample could lead to more data and greater insights.

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