The Discrimination in Workplaces : A Critical Discourse Analysis of the European Court of Justice Judgment about the Islamic Veil Prohibition

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Juridiska institutionenUmeå universitet/Juridiskt forum

Sammanfattning: The issue of the Islamic headscarf has been in the centre of the political debate whether it fits into the Western culture or not. Several member-states in the European Union have issued laws and regulations that impose restrictions on wearing the Islamic headscarf in the public sphere. Even some EU courts have ruled such restrictions imposed by member-states. Recently, this issue has been discussed in the context of the occupational life. In a dispute before the European Court of Justice, the ban was considered as legitimate. In this research, I analyse the judgment from a socio-legal perspective and analyse the intersectional identity of Mrs. Achbita who is a party in the dispute, considering that she belongs to the social category of veiled working Muslim women.

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