Inkorporering av ekosystemtjänster i stadsplanering - En fallstudie av Stockholms Stad och Lunds kommun

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Miljövetenskaplig utbildning

Sammanfattning: Ecosystem services are a way to decrease cities ecological footprint as well as adapt to a changed climate in the future. Ecosystem services are fairly new as a concept and even though it has been used within urban planning in the past it wasn’t made popular until 2005 by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA). This study pinpoints what hinders municipalities to incorporate ecosystem services into their urban planning. The study has focused on the City of Stockholm and the Municipality of Lund and aimed to answer the following three research questions: 1. How does Lund and Stockholm incorporate ecosystem services in urban planning? 2. How does the municipality's vision of how the implementation of ecosystem services differ to how it is done in practice? 3. What are the obstacles for incorporating of ecosystem services in urban planning and how these can be prevented? The empirical data of the study is based on interviews with four individuals working with urban planning and ecosystem services in the two municipalities. The result of my study show that ecosystem services as a concept is generally known but the interviewees were uncertain about the full meaning of it and how to use it practically in city planning. Lund and Stockholm use the concept to some extent but mostly incorporate ecosystem services used earlier and by habit. They also note that the biggest obstacle for not using ecosystem services is that there are too few instruments for them to use as well as examples of how to incorporate ecosystem services into city planning. There is still a large uncertainty of the full meaning of the concept and its advantages. Therefore, there is a need for increased knowledge about ecosystem services as well as instruments and guidelines that can make it easier to incorporate them into urban planning.

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