Gläd er och jubla för evigt över detsom jag skapar. : En jämförande textanalys om djurrätt ochmiljöpåverkan ur ett teologiskt perspektiv

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm; Teologiska högskolan Stockholm

Författare: Sofia Proohf; [2018]

Nyckelord: Djurrätt; djuretik; ekoteologi; miljöpåverkan;

Sammanfattning: This essay aims to answer the question of if and how the theologian Sallie McFagues modelfor understanding God that she presents in her book The Body of God can be furtherdeveloped to be more fitting for church and individual today. To answer this question I havecompleted a comparative text analysis of Andrew Linzeys book Why Animal SufferingMatters , Elisabeth A. Johnsons book Ask the Beasts and Rosemary Radford Ruethers bookGaia & God . The views of the three theologians is presented thematically: firstly in regardsto animal rights, secondly in regards to human environmental impact.Based on the fact that animals are sentient; that they are unable to communicateeffectivly with humans; and that animals are equally created by God as humans are, Linzey,Johnson and Radford Ruether argues that animals should not be unnecessarily harmed.With regard to environmental impact the three theologians argues that the whole ofcreation belongs to God and that God made humans stewards of it. The stewardship meansthat we have a responsibility to care for the earth rather than exploiting it.Based on these arguments I find that McFagues model can be further developedmainly by creating a more clear animal theology and by making a connection betweenenvironmental impact and social injustices.

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