Verktygslåda för Persuasive design inom eHälsa

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Informationssystem; Uppsala universitet/Informationssystem

Sammanfattning: The fast technical development enables new application areas within health care, and theimportance of eHealth increases. Meanwhile, conscious behavioral change throughpersuasive technology has shown to be a functional and effective method. This studyaimed at producing a design model, customized for persuasive design within eHealth. Themodel took the shape of a toolbox, containing tools which aim to respond to key aspectsassociated with the field, and was qualitatively evaluated through interviews with expertswho assessed the quality. The interview recordings were abductively analyzed, and themodel revised by the analysis’ results. The findings contributed to a widenedcomprehension of the area and resulted in a new version of the model, and other valuableinsights about the aspect of context within persuasive design and eHealth.

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