Förstföderskors upplevelser av att helamma i sex månader - en intervjustudie

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Sammanfattning: Background: To support the natural process of breastfeeding is an important task inmidwifery. For a midwife to be able to do this she needs knowledge about all the dimensionsof breastfeeding: The biological, existential, and the cultural. To breastfeed for six months hasshown to have great health benefits for both mother and child. The National Board of Health and Welfare stated year 2004 that the recommendations from WHO should be the terms in Sweden as well. This means that an infant preferably should be exclusively breastfed until six months of age. In Sweden 15% of the mothers breastfeed their infant exclusively at six months. Research has focused on why women cease to breastfed but not how women experience to breastfeed exclusively. Aim: To explore primiparas experience of exclusive breastfeeding for six months. Method: A phenomenological lifeworld approach was used. The data was analyzed by using meaning analysis. Data was collected by using semi-structured interviews. Six primiparas chose to participate in the study. Result: Six themes emerged from the analysis: To face and feel lack of knowledge about breastfeeding, Self-confidence is necessary, The experience of being bodily, It makes bounding with the baby easier, To breastfeed is to express a political standpoint, and Support from health-care, , friends and family and Breasfeeding support-organizations is facilitating breastfeeding. The women expressed a lack of knowledge about breastfeeding from health-care professionals. This led to that the women got insufficient information. The gaps of knowledge made the moms feel unprepared, which lead to lack of self-confidence in their capability to breastfeed. This led to a negative start of their breastfeeding. The support from relatives and their surrounding environment led to a more positive experience of their breastfeeding. The women expressed a fascination towards their own bodies. They also expressed a wish to be able to experience their bodies, to be able to be a biological woman. Breastfeeding was described as a way to bound with the baby and a way to give love. They described that the breastfeeding was giving them feelings of happiness. To breastfeed was considered as a political statement. A frustration of the women’s objectified body in todays society was expressed. Conclusions: To feel confident as a woman and believe in yourself and your body is a crucial part in the breastfeeding experience. When caregivers provide consistent advice and empower the woman it affects her breastfeeding experience in a positive way.Keywords: Breastfeeding, exclusive breastfeeding, experience, midwife, primiparas

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