När “känslohjärnan” tar över : En kvalitativ studie om riskfaktorer för utvecklandet av sexuell beteendeproblematik hos pojkar enligt yrkesverksamma terapeuter och behandlingspedagoger

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: When the “emotional brain” takes over – A qualitative study about risk factors behind the development of sexual behaviour disorder according to therapists and treatment assistants. [Translated title] The aim of this study was to analyze different aspects which might have significance for the development of sexual behaviour disorders. Exposure of pornography was of particular interest. The method chosen for this qualitative study was semi-structured interviews with four therapists and three treatment assistants who work at two residential homes for boys in the age group 10 - 19. All professionals have experience with the current behaviour problem. Theories that were applied to analyse the data were social learning theory and control theory. The result of the study identified eight different risk factors: lack of emotional regulations, neuropsychiatric disabilities, lack of social context, peer pressure, insufficient control of impulses, own experience of being sexually abused and inadequate relationships to family. Pornography was shown to be a significant risk factor in the development of sexual behaviour disorders. In several cases of sexual abuse pornography seemed to have been the trigger that caused the assault. Many of the respondents also stated that it was common for the boys to watch pornography while sexually abusing their victims. All the professionals reported that sexual behaviour disorders most often is a result of a cooperation between some, or several, risk factors. It became clear during this study that further research is needed, since it proved to be hard to find relevant literature. More research on the matter could prevent sexual assaults and counteract the development of sexual behaviour disorders in the future.

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