Sjuksköterskors erfarenheter av MIG-team

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Sammanfattning: Background: In today's society, the population lives longer which require higher demands on healthcare through an increased age of the arriving patients. Seriously ill patients in conditions that require more close monitoring are one of the most resource-intensive care facilities and take place in intensive care units. Patients often suffer from some form of failure in the main functions of the body, where care in an intensive care unit increases the patient's chances of survival. Aim: The hospital ward nurse's and intensive care nurse's experiences of working with a MIG-teams. Method: A systematic literature review study based on qualitative and quantitative articles. Results: The majority of the selected articles describe a positive attitude towards the MIG-team and its existence from both the perspective of the nurse and the intensive care nurse, all of which highlight the importance of a MIG-team to avoid cardiac arrest and increase patient safety. The result was divided into a main theme - positive attitude towards the MIG-team as well as three sub-themes; leadership, knowledge/competence, and attitudes. Conclusion: The study shows that the collaboration between the hospital wards and the MIG-team is perceived as positive by the hospital ward nurse and the intensive care nurse. The existence of the MIG-team gave safety and support of those involved, which generated increased patient safety

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