Färger och kontrasters påverkan i en pull-down meny : Effektiviteten och användares första intryck i en navigeringsmeny

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: This bachelor thesis examines how a user can experience different color combinations and how those effect a navigation menu on a website. This with regards on the users first impression. Furthermore, were also different contrasts examined. This thesis also investigates how a navigation menu is being perceived on the basis that it is more appealing in its design, but lacks contrast, comparatively to a design that has strong contrast but do not satisfy the user. Moreover, if color combinations and its placement together with the contrast can increase the efficiency in a navigation process. The colors that were tested were blue and red. Three prototypes were designed which had different color and contrast combinations, but the main colors were blue and red. A qualitative method was being used to examine the impact colors and contrasts can have. An unstructured observation was applied to study the user’s behavior and which prototype was most effective. Moreover, was a think-aloud test where the users had to think-aloud. This method generated an understanding about users first impression and how effective the navigation menu was. Lastly, a semi-structured interview was applied to create a greater understanding about colors impact on the users. The results showed that color and contrast have a big influence on a user’s first impression, but also on a navigation menus’ effectiveness. A more appealing menu with low contrast was being preferred over a menu with high contrast but a less appealing design. 

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