The black housing market - A survey of thegeneral public’s attitude towards the market andpossible solutions.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Fastigheter och byggande; KTH/Fastigheter och byggande


The aim of this Bachelor of Science thesis is to study the black housing market, its spread and

expansion within the Stockholm region. This hidden sort of crime is compromised and organized

more than ever before. According to Fastighetsägarna the turnover is over a billion Swedish

krona in Stockholm City, Sundbyberg and Solna. The demands of tenancies are at an all-time

high and queue is all-time long. There is a housing shortage in the region and very few tenancies

are built. Besides the fact that the regulated rent may be a cause, it is also the fact that Sweden

today has the highest building costs in the European Union, although the country is one of the

most resource-rich. The politics regarding the possibility to be able to live in the inner-city

is primitive when the geographical location of the tenancies is not reflected in the rent itself. This

leads to a hidden economic value of tenancies that later on are resold in the black housing

market. Instead of an increase in the housing market, a creation of a black trade has been formed.

Black landlords that sell these tenancies illegally reach out to their buyers through contacts

and accommodation adds on forums such as Björnsbytare and Blocket.

This Bachelor of Science thesis intends to analyze what this criminality looks like and what

alternative ways there are to solve these problems.

A questionnaire with over 200 respondents has been made and interviews with representatives

from interest organizations have been performed due to the fact that literature within this field is


Radical actions are needed if the housing market is going to recover. There are various ways of

doing this which will be discussed further in this thesis. Most importantly are our results that

indicate how a new generation has been raised to think that the black housing market is

acceptable. It has become a natural feature in their everyday lives. We need to restore the

general public attitude if we ever want to receive a functioning housing market.

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