Vem bestämmer åt dig? - En analys av självbestämmande och beslutsoförmögenhet i SOU 2015:80

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: This study sets out to analyze the problem representation in the Swedish official report SOU 2015:80. The study seeks to analyze what sort of understanding the policymakers have of the terms self-determination (självbestämmande) and mentally incompetent (beslutsoförmögen). Lastly the study will analyze what the lived effects of this policy may be for persons who are provided help and service by LSS. The study adopts a method developed Carol Lee Bacchi called “what’s the problem represented to be?” that can be used to study governance. The most basic principle of this method is that it is necessary to study not only policies but also the assumptions behind them in order to understand how certain phenomena become identified as problems in need of a solution. Together the problem identified and the proposed solution forms what Bacchi calls a problem representation. The findings show that the problem representation embodied within SOU 2015:80 is that the absence of laws regulating the rights of persons who are regarded as mentally incompetent (beslutsoförmögna) in healthcare, care and research should be remedied with a new law. The study ends with a discussion of the possible impact of this proposal on the lived effects for the persons affected.

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