Föräldrars erfarenhet av sjukhusvistelsen- En kvalitativ studie

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Sammanfattning: Introduction: Nowadays, it is a considerable fact that parents stay with their hospitalized child, however the role played by parents may not always be obvious. For many parents, this is a difficult experience, which may cause stress among parents who want to be supportive for their child. Parents and children have a close bond and influence each other emotionally; therefore it is of great importance that parent’s experiences of hospitalization should be noted. The pediatric nurse may apply this experience to give the best possible care for the child and the family. Aim: To describe the parent’s experience of the hospitalization at a pediatric hospital. Method: The text analysis of the open questions which were included in the Nationella Patientenkäten, total of 478 questionnaires was analyzed by using a qualitative context analysis with an inductive approach. Result: The analysis resulted in three categories; communication, attitudes and the family’s urgencies. It also resulted in six subcategories; information, continuity, to be taken seriously, health professionals’ significance, integrity and practical needs. Discussion: The pediatric nurse should be aware of the difficulties parents may face when their child is being cared for in an unfamiliar healthcare environment. Staying in a multi-bed room without peace and quiet and without the opportunity of privacy was very demanding for the parents who expressed needs of single rooms. The results also showed that lack of communication and information make parents feel insecure, especially in their caring role. Through a good attitude: to listen, to be kind and to show commitment, a trusting and safe care was experienced.

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