Spelansvarsverktygens effekt : En kvalitativ kartläggning av faktorer som påverkar spelansvarsverktygens effekt

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media

Sammanfattning: With the advent of the internet, the opportunity to gamble for money is no longer limited by opening hours or that gambling is only available in specific places, which has meant that more and more people have developed an unhealthy relationship with gambling. Having an unhealthy relationship with gambling can have several negative consequences. To address this problem, relatively new legislation has been introduced in Sweden. According to the new legislation, all companies with a Swedish gambling license must implement responsible gambling tools. The purpose of these tools is to encourage users to play in a healthy manner. The results in existing research and literature on responsible gambling tools are contradictory, but in general it has emerged that responsible gambling tools have a low impact, especially among the players who have the greatest need for them, as they do not use the tools in a proper way. This study aims to investigate why responsible gambling tools have low impact among players with gambling problems. The study has a qualitative research approach with semi-structured interviews as a method for data collection. With this as a starting point, eight semi-structured interviews were conducted in which the informant was asked to explain opinions and perceptions about gambling responsible tools. The interviews were analyzed through a thematic analysis, which resulted in seven themes that individually and together can explain the study's purpose. The themes the study found were interpretable legislation, unlicensed gambling, lack of standardization, lack of centralization, lack in user knowledge, lack in provided information and a lack in self-exclusion tools. This study also develops the general knowledge of what the view of responsible gambling tools looks like from the various actors. The themes presented will also be a contribution, that can be used in future research and continued development of responsible gambling tools.

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