“Who knew homosexuality was scarier than zombies?” : En genusvetenskaplig studie av normer för sexualitet i tv-serien The Walking Dead.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Stockholms universitet/Genusvetenskap


This study demonstrates how norms and ideals about sexuality and gender expression are used in the TV-show The Walking Dead. An intermediate study is made on the comic books’ two same sex couples as they are compared to how they are represented in the TV-show. Tara Chambler and Alisha, a same sex couple who only exist in the TV-show, not in the comic books, are also analysed. Queer theory and an intersectional perspective are used to discover how different power asymmetries are connected to each other through an active interplay. An analysis of the reception is also made with the help of a discourse analysis on 50 of the twitter commentaries that were posted after the show’s first same sex kiss, with the aim to understand how the media and the public affect one another. The material is selected comic books, episodes from the TV-show and twitter comments. The study shows how sexual expressions are neutralized and used in a heteronormative way.

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