Adaptive Context Aware Services

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Kommunikationssystem, CoS

Sammanfattning: Context information is information that describes the user's context. The goal of the Adaptive Context Aware Services (ACAS) project is to enable applications to use context information in order to adapt their behaviour to the user and his environment without requiring the user to manually change/manage parameters. While the concept of linking context aware entities together to form a logical "context network" was introduced earlier in the project, some questions regarding context information discovery and the discovery of context aware entities were previously unanswered. The goal of this thesis was to design and evaluate such a context network allowing entities todiscover each other and exchange information regarding their services and context information. For this purpose, a "Context Entity Registrar" has been developed allowing entities to register, thus they can easily be found by other entities who can query this registrar. During the design of this proposed solution, a special focus has been given to the performance of the registrar, especially how it scales when answering a large number of requests, in order to validate the design's potential as a solution to context aware entity discovery. Measurements have shown that this proposed solution scales well, making it a key element of a context network. Discovery of other entities and of context information play an important role to determine the performances of a context aware implementation. This masters thesis addresses first the issue of the architecture of the context network and then some tests to measure the performances of the proposed solution.

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