Antal dörröppningar på operationssal vid 6 timmars arbetsdagar – en observationsstudie

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Sammanfattning: Background: Health care associated infection is the most common type of adverse event in Sweden and Europe. Having a postoperative wound infection generates a great suffering for the patient. Door openings and the movement of personnel inside the operating room increase the amount of bacteria in the air. The number of door openings during operation has been observed in several studies and is worrying many, a large part of the door openings occur due to breaks.Aim: Investigate the number of door openings and reasons for these in an operating department where the staff have a working time of 6 hours without breaks.Method: Observation data from nineteen operations were compiled and analyzed.Results: The door was opened a total of 131 times, giving an average of 6.9 door openings per operation. The most common reason for door openings were collection or delivery of materials, which resulted in 46,6 %. Door openings related to break occurred only twice during the observations and accounted for 1,5 %, which is almost non-existent.Conclusions: The study shows a low number of door openings compared with previous studies. Door openings related to breaks almost didn ́t exist anymore and resulted in only 2 door openings, which is an improvement since before and can be seen as related to the fact that the operation department has switched to 6 hours work days without breaks. This result shows that there are good opportunities to reduce the number of door openings in the operating room.

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