Automation of Customization on TEXO’s FSX Weaving Loom Concept

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Industriell produktion

Sammanfattning:   The continuously increasing demand of the customer requires equivalent response from the industry. This phenomenon of lean supply chain has also been seen in the paper and textile industries. TEXO AB produces customized weaving looms for the paper and textile industries. As every machine is redesigned to the customer requirements, TEXO needed to make the process efficient and effective. Once again the application of new computing technologies comes in handy. The practice of parametric design is applied to the TEXO’s FSX concept, which is one of the three weaving loom machine series supplied by TEXO. The frequent customization of FSX concept for each customer has created the need for faster redesign, better communication and quick order to suppliers. The automation is done on Autodesk Inventor using its iLogic and Shrinkwrap features. The parametric model is complete where all components to be customized are included. An excel sheet with design calculations, parameters and possible machine modules is developed together with the model. The feasibility of the automated design has been shown by the complete conformance of the model to the requirement. The excel sheet is very useful for improving the internal and external communications. After the completion of this project the redesign time is significantly reduced and the communication is simplified. It is also now possible to identify customization and module opportunities for future machines.

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