Politisering af politikernes privatliv

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: It is claimed by several Western experts that the citizens are loosing confidence in their politicians. If true, it poses a serious threat to the legitimacy of the decisions made by politicians. The answer to this claimed lack of trust could be found in the politician role, because this role is the link between the mass and the political institutions. Politicians act as the representatives of the citizens, but they are expected to promote the general values of the society. However, it remains an open question how much the politicians have to sacrifice personally for their political points of view. In my paper I will present the problems of ethics when politicians? private lives become part of the political life. Furthermore I will discuss the consequences for this development in the politician role for the parliamentary system. The arguments will be based on theoretical analysis, reports from Swedish experts and illustrated with cases from Danish politics. Additionally I will evaluate, whether this development in the politician role strengthens or weakens the parliamentary system. One of the conclusions from my analysis is that the citizens? lack of trust to their politicians is caused by structural elements ? and not only from the unethical conduct of some individuals in particular. Furthermore my report concludes that it has become relatively difficult to place a responsibility to one politician now than it has been previously due the dilemma of many hands and the role of the media as an external actor in the decision-making process.

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