Tonåringar och fysisk aktivitet : att öka tonåringars vardagsmotion och spontana fysiska aktivitet genom gestaltning av utomhusmiljön

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

Sammanfattning: The thesis is focused on teenagers and physical activity since today, people aren’t physically active enough to gain the health benefits that physical activity brings. The purpose of the thesis is to investigate how teenagers’ physical activity can be increased by the design of the outdoor environment. My main research question is “How can aspects that increase teenagers’ physical activity be combined with the conditions of Österhamn to create an appreciated and well used path?” The method was divided in four parts. The first three methods are ended with a reflection regarding the result and finally the aspects referred to in the research question. The first method is a literature study that was performed to gain theoretical answers on what aspects increases teenagers’ physical activity. The second method is a study trip that was performed to learn about teenagers’ physical activity from existing sites. The third method is a study regarding the teenagers in Mariehamn to study Österhamn from their perspective. The fourth method is the design proposal over Österhamn where the aspects that I obtained from the three previous methods where used to make the proposal increase teenagers’ physical activity. In the literature study teenagers’ use of the city room and how to encourage them to increase their physical activity was studied. The main part of the literature study were research articles within the subject physical activity and teenagers. The study trip went to 12 different sites in three locations, Copenhagen, Malmo and Simrishamn. The sites where chosen because of the assumption that they encourage physical activity in different ways. During the site visits I studied whether any teenagers were using the sites, and if they were I studied what they were doing. I also studied the size of the sites, their location in the city, what activities the site offered and its’ overall design. The teenagers in Mariehamn were studied partly through an inventory of Österhamn but also with an inventory regarding where teenagers usually are around Österhamn. The city of Mariehamn have performed a dialogue process with some local teenagers which was also studied and ended with a discussion regarding how the teenagers’ comments affected Österhamn.This was followed by an analysis of Österhamn where teenagers were taken into consideration. The design proposal for Österhamn was done using the aspects from the earlier methods in mind. With the help of these aspects a program for Österhamn was developed and in combination with a concept and sketching the final proposal was developed. In the discussion regarding the thesis it is, among other things, established that Österhamns’ characteristics has a big impact on the sites suitability regarding teenagers’ increased physical activity. Another thing that is discussed is the lack of public participation in the thesis and how this may have affected the design proposal.

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