I Sverige finns döden idag inte i grytan, utan i buffén : Hur ”vanliga människors” och teologers tankar kring vad som händer efter döden påverkas av individualiseringen, samt hur Svenska kyrkan ska bemöta individualiseringen, individualismen och människor

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Systematisk teologi med livsåskådningsforskning


This study deals with the way how people think about life after death from the perspective of individualization. Individualization is something that affects all aspects of society, especially in

Sweden, which is of the most individualized countries. It also affects how people think about their own death.

I have compared what people think about life after death with five theologians who have different views; Per Block, Sallie McFague, Krister Stendahl, Maurice Wiles and Jürgen Moltmann.

I have compared the difference between individualism and individualization, and

formulated some problems regarding how to think of individualism in terms of good and bad. Finally, I have finally discussed how I think Svenska kyrkan, the Church of Sweden, should meet the individualization, individualism and people´s opinion about life after death.

The main question of the essay is partly unanswered because there is very little material and studies made about life after death contra individualization. One conclusion of my study, however, that I have reached is that people are allowed to choose freely nowadays, and that leads to a big difference in the system of beliefs. Svenska kyrkan should be sensitive about the change in society and be open for discussions. At the same time I would suggest that Svenska kyrkan should be clear about the different theological stands and be ready to tell what they believe.

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