Chockhöjning av drivmedelspriser : En ekonomisk studie av debatten och de politiska partiernas ställningstaganden i och med chockhöjningen av drivmedelspriser i Sverige våren 2022

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Nationalekonomi; Linköpings universitet/Filosofiska fakulteten

Författare: Tove Lemón Palmborg; William Togner; [2022]

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Sammanfattning: The shock increase in fuel prices in Sweden during the spring of 2022 has not escaped anyone. It has become a subject that is highly mentioned in our everyday life, but also in the political debate. Fuel prices have increased with almost 67 percent this year and with this follows a goal conflict regarding an effective taxation system, a fair taxation system and a governing taxation system in relation to climate threat management. These goal conflicts have led to a hot debate about how to manage this situation. The purpose of this essay is therefore to plot and analyze how different political parties in Sweden argue to handle the shock increase in fuel prices in the spring of 2022 in relation to economic-political goal conflicts and ideology.  The political parties in Sweden are divided regarding what the best solution to the problem is. One thing they all agree on is that it is a problem to be solved. The Social Democrats advocates a lighter price change in conjunction with a contribution to car owners. The Moderates, the Sweden Democrats and the Left Party advocates an abatement in the tax level to shrink the effect the shock increase has left. The Green Party on the other hand is in favor of a reduction in the tax level due to the harm emissions of fossil-powered vehicles cause on the environment.  We can spot a political landscape that is out of hand and not agreed on what to do about this situation. The political parties are yet agreed that the situation is untenable, and that action is needed. The fuel prices need to be adjusted either by a tax cut, contribution to the inhabitants or by a more generous bonus-malus-system for electrical vehicles. 

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