A Space in a hill

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för arkitektur och byggd miljö

Sammanfattning: The focal point of this project is the interaction between the human individual and nature. It all started with a wish to study the role of architecture outside of urban contexts and bigger systems of urban strategy, segregation and densification. In order to do so, I chose to work with a location in nature that has made a particularly strong impression on me: the southern esker of Kåseberga. This esker, its village and old ship formation from the Stone Ages, attracts more than 850 000 tourists every year (Löfgren, 2017). The location happens to be perfect for various nature activities such as fishing, windsurfing and bird watching. As a result of the popularity of Kåseberga, the local authorities are planning to create a so called ‘naturum’, a building for education and information about the surrounding landscape. In the light of of a strong criticism from locals towards existing propositions for the naturum, I chose to reinterpret the concept of naturum. The aim was to create a new solution better suited for the unique and delicate landscape of Kåseberga. The result was ‘a room in a hill’. Located at what I regard as the very epicenter of Kåseberga’s powerful steep hills, shielded from the movements of the main tourist attractions, I created a room for the various needs of those who seek to explore Kåseberga through nature activities. A room for warming up, taking shelter, rest, watching the birds outside or simply listen to the ocean. Thereby enhancing the opportunities for strong nature experiences and making a currently overlooked part of Kåseberga more available. In addition, I present an idea for including the more typical concept of a ‘naturum’ with tourist information, as well as a a new hostel for Kåseberga’s many visitors.

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