Situationsanpassat lärande, patienters behov av kunskap vid inflammatorisk tarmsjukdom

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Sammanfattning: Background: Being diagnosed with a chronic disease such as inflammatory bowel disease creates a change in several dimensions of life. It can be a physical change due to for example surgical scars or a stoma with a change in body perception or the impact that a relapse gives. It can also be about psychological influence when the patient doesn’t recognize themselves or the feeling of not being normal. It can be worrying about complications, thoughts about the future or meeting a partner. How the disease will affect opportunities to complete education and professional work. To deal with chronic disease such as IBD, and to be able to conduct examinations and treatments, knowledge is needed. For patients with IBD it ́s a lifelong learning. Aim: The aim is to investigate which basis for learning and what knowledge patients with IBD require in order to manage their disease. Method: Literature review with synthesis of the result in qualitative studies. Result: The study has shown that patients with inflammatory bowel disease need a situational learning when they are receptive to new knowledge. Only then can knowledge-based and experience-based learning take place and the patient can develop their knowledge in order to better manage their illness. Conclusion: This study has shown that situational learning is essential for patients with IBD and seen as a prerequisit to be able to acquire new knowledge.

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