Internet of Things i kommunala fastighetsbolag : En studie om hur IoT kan användas för att klara framtidens klimatmål

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Halmstad; Högskolan i Halmstad

Sammanfattning: Title: Internet of Things in real estate companies owned by the municipality: A study on how IoT can be used to meet future climate goals Subject: Bachelor's thesis in business administration 15 credits Authors: Hampus Heikkinen and Victor Ifver Kävrestad Keywords: Internet of Things (IoT), Digitized property management, Real estate companies owned by the municipality, Energy consumption, Agenda 2030 Problem statements: What does the usage of Internet of Things look like today and does management control systems have any impact on its use? Will the Internet of Things be accepted and used in the future by real estate companies owned by the municipality?What opportunities are there to use IoT within the companies to achieve the climate goals that must be met by 2030? Purpose: Describe and analyze how municipal real estate companies use Internet of Things in their property management with a focus on the work to improve the energy efficiency. The thesis also wants to find out if companies will use the Internet of Things in the future. Method: We have used the qualitative method in this essay. Four interviews have been conducted through Zoom with people who work at municipal owned real estate companies to gather information on management and business development. Conclusion: Digitization in the real estate industry is far from fully developed which is the reason that the respondents in this study show a relatively low degree of digitization. Management control on the other hand does not hinder these companies but promotes the respondents ability to adapt to digitalization. The study also indicates that the Internet of Things will be accepted in the future. Finally, the study concludes that IoT sensors can be used to reduce energy consumption which will help companies to achieve the climate goals for 2030.

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