Företagshälsovårdspersonals upplevelser av den inre kontexten vid implementering av 15-metoden : en deduktiv innehållsanalys av semistrukturerade intervjuer

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för arbetshälsovetenskap och psykologi

Sammanfattning: Aims: The purpose is to investigate how occupational health care professionals, trained in the 15-method, experience the impact of the internal organisational context when implementing the method. Methods: The study is a qualitative semi-structured interview survey with 12 practitioners. A deductive content analysis was used, based on the PARIHS framework. Main results: The respondents experienced that an organizational culture that includes knowledge about alcohol problems promotes implementation. Developing local routines, collaborating with competent colleagues and involvement of a respected physician who supports the method were essential. A committed leadership, supporting implementation in concrete action, was valued. Evaluation was rarely performed; more knowledge and materials were requested. The customers' needs and preferences were emphasized. Conclusions: The study supports the notion of implementation as a complex process that is unique to its context. The results provide insight into the professionals' experiences of influencing factors in the internal context when implementing the 15-method. The factors that recurred in all three perspectives (strengthening, weakening, suggestions for improvement) can possibly be attributed a special weight. Further studies are needed to confirm the consistency of the results when implementing other methods, as well as the effect of the internal context on the implementation process.

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