Expansion of Sickla treatment plant : A study about the replacement of standard concrete to green concrete

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Betongbyggnad; KTH/Betongbyggnad

Sammanfattning: Stockholm Vatten has decided to close down the Bromma waste water treatment plantand manage the waste water from Bromma together with the waste water from the formerEolshällsverket to Henriksdal’s waste water treatment plant. Henriksdals wastewater treatment plant will be expanded for higher purification requirements and loads,estimated to be finished until 2040. This entails extensive renovations and additionsto the existing treatment plant in and on Henriksdalsberget, as well as a major expansionof the Sickla plant.The purpose of the study is to investigate an environmentally friendly alternative tothe standard concrete that will be used for the expansion of the Sickla plant. The largestenvironmental villain in concrete is the cement. The aim of this study has beento replace the cement with environmentally friendly additives in the largest possibleamount, thus reducing the negative impact of the cement on the environment.In the present study, a review was made of obtained data with exposure classes, then aliterature study was performed to gain knowledge in the area. With help from experts,two fictitious recipes for each exposure class have been calculated for the standardconcrete and the green concrete. In this way, a careful comparison between the concretetypes was made of the cement’s impact on global warming. Thereafter, a study wascarried out on existing EPDs, which were incorporated into the One Click LCA (2015)software. An LCA in the mentioned software was carried out, which enabled data to becompiled and a comparison of the climate impact between the four different fictitiousrecipes has been done.Compiled and compared data from LCA and analysis of EPDs show that 70% of thestructure with exposure class XD2 gets a 47% reduction in global warming when usinggreen concrete instead of standard concrete. Furthermore, the results show that theremaining 30% of the structure with exposure class XF3/XC4 gets a 20% reductionwhen using green concrete instead of standard concrete. The total reduction in globalwarming when using green concrete instead of standard concrete for the expansion ofSickla treatment plant was calculated to be 40%.

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