The Future (of the) Office : A Scenario Study of what the Future Office could look like due to the Progress of Digitalisation

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Fastigheter och byggande

Sammanfattning: This thesis examined the future office by interviewing 16 participants according to the Delphi method. Participants were given the opportunity to share their individual opinions related to ten introductory questions. All participants then continued the interview by participating in a feedback session that would form the basis of a future scenario for the office. According to the participants, the spread of Covid-19 has been a catalyst for the office's development. Environmental focus is high in the future when employees can take meetings from any place they prefer, instead of traveling the world to meet customers. Efficiency enables work regardless of workplace and thanks to digital tools and platforms, the employee can work anywhere at any time. What was somewhat more difficult to discern was the development of demand for offices. Although there were some aspects that all participants agreed on, it was possible to distinguish a lot of aspects that they thought about in different ways. There were different opinions from each stakeholder group regarding demand, rental levels, vacancies and other market factors that drive the market forward, as well as who will win and lose if the market moves on to a market characterised by flexible work.

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