Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/LTH Ingenjörshögskolan vid Campus Helsingborg

Sammanfattning: Green building certification has had major impact on commercial real estate in recent years. The most common certification systems in Sweden are Miljöbyggnad, LEED, BREEAM and GreenBuilding. The purpose of these is to create buildings that are environmentally sustainable. The systems manage indoor environment to varying degrees. Since people spend most of their time indoors, health and well-being in buildings have become increasingly important. To build houses that are not harmful to humans has been the goal for a while. The International WELL Building Institute has taken it a step further by creating WELL Building Standard. It is a certification system for buildings with one intention, to improve human health. The purpose of the thesis has been to investigate how a good indoor environment can be achieved and attained by real estate companies. Through interviews, an assessment of WELL's potential and usage have been made. WELL has been compared to Miljöbyggnad, LEED and BREEAM to identify the most significant similarities and differences. Based on these, suggestions for applications have been developed to enable real estate companies to build healthy offices. A good indoor environment requires fresh air, acoustic comfort, satisfying light, good thermal climate and thoughtful design. WELL is an international building standard managing all of these to contribute to health and well-being at work. As awareness of physical and mental health increases, WELL has great potential. WELL will never replace green building certifications as their purposes differ. An advantage is however to use WELL as a complement to a green building certification. In order to be able to produce healthy buildings, real estate companies should focus on increasing activity level, improving dietary habits and occupant well-being in built environment. Improved health and productivity in the workplace could benefit employees, companies and society.

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