Mötesplats 0413 - En analys av ungdomars tankar och synpunkter om sin mötesplats

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Abstract Author: Therese Hovland and Sofia Stenberg Title: Mötesplats 0413 – An analyze of youths thoughts and opinions about their meeting place [translated title] Supervisor: Anders Östnäs Assessor: Carina Tigerwall Mötesplats 0413 is a culture house for youths at the ages of 16 to 25 years. The purpose of this study was, on the basis of a youth perspective, to critically analyze how the youths that come to Mötesplats 0413 in Eslöv describe the activity. Our questions were: How do the youths describe what it´s like to be young in Eslöv? How do the youths describe Mötesplats 0413 and its purpose? Who runs Mötesplats 0413? How do the youths describe them? What do the youths think about the need of Mötesplats 0413? Our analysis is based on the results of twelve interviews and sporadic observations. We have interviewed the superintendent of Mötesplats 0413, five visitors, three 0413-ambassadors and two idea coaches. All the interviewed except the superintendent was between the ages of 16 to 23 years. The youths describe Eslöv as a secure city but that there is little for them to do. Mötesplats 0413 is described as the only meeting place for youths. The results show that the way to describe Mötesplats 0413, and how you understand its purpose, depends on whether you are a visitor, a 0413-ambassador or an idea coach. The visitors describe Mötesplats 0413 as a place where you can meet and spend time with your friends. The idea coaches describe Mötesplats 0413 as a place where youths also can choose to participate in cultural activities and organize different projects. The ambassadors are youths who have an active interest in Mötesplats 0413 and who are important for the activity at the meeting place. The idea coaches are employees whose main function is to build relationships with the visitors and help them through the process of their projects. Some of the visitors do not know what the ambassadors and the idea coaches do at Mötesplats 0413. All the interviewed except one thinks that there is a need of Mötesplats 0413. We interpret the results of the interviews as if the youths foremost has a need of a meeting place, and not a culture house.

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