Kvinnors impulsköp av modevaror online

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: Digitalization is growing fast, which has a large influence on the constantly transforming e-commerce. This also affects consumer behaviour and the factors that influence consumers to complete an impulsive purchase. Impulse purchases online account for approximately 40% of today’s total sales in e-commerce, and the fashion trade is currently in the middle of an essential increment. By creating an understanding for which factors that affect female consumers, who has been proven to be more inclined to fulfil impulsive purchases both in offline stores as well as online, companies can create competitive advantages and a consumer-oriented website design that supports and generates increased revenue. This kind of awareness and knowledge can also maintain world economy, as impulsive purchases are estimated to account for approximately 30-50% of total retail sales. The scope of this study is to investigate factors that affect female consumers’ impulse purchases of fashion goods online. Based on previous studies and theories by primarily Sundström et al. (2019), Wu et al. (2016), Styven et al. (2017) the study centres on the factors boredom, trust, flow, and impulse buying tendency (IBT) to investigate if there are any correlations between these factors. By conducting qualitative interviews, with women between the ages of 27 to 35, empirical data from real life was gathered for comparison with previous theories, with the scope of creating a basic understanding to be able to analyse if potential correlations exist between the earlier mentioned factors during the consumers’ impulsive buying processes. The results show that female consumers that are presumed as impulsive frequently tend to use online buying of fashion goods and accessories when bored. These consumers also show high levels of trust for the suppliers they choose to use and if the website design is deemed stimulating with a flowing buying process without obstacles, the chances for a completed impulse purchase increase.

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