Kartläggning av orsaker till reoperationer vid ryggradskirurgi

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Sammanfattning: Background: The quality of perioperative nursing performed affects the incidence of injury and suffering in individual patients. Investigating and mapping the incidence and causes of reoperations is important as the current state of knowledge is inadequate. A more complete picture of the causes of reoperations can provide knowledge to prevent unnecessary suffering for patients and the community.Aim: To identify the causes of reoperations in patients who have previously undergone spinal surgery at a university hospital.Method: Data collection, in the form of retrospective journal review, was based on all 2690 operational reports for the period 01/01/2015 to 20/05/2018.Results: 13 percent (n = 281) of the 2272 patients reported for surgery had at least one additional surgery. The most common cause of first reoperation was infection (27% n = 76) followed by implant-related causes (27% n = 74). Cutibacterium Acnes was found in cultures with 32 percent (n = 35) of patients who had additional surgery caused by infection.Conclusion: The different software used to keep medical records at the studied hospital did not have user-friendly interfaces or were especially well integrated with one another. This affect quality improvement measures in a negative way as it makes it harder to follow up on performed medical services. Our result indicates that the number of reoperations and their causes in spinal surgery in the examined surgery department during the studied period is in line with what previous research in the area has shown. It might be possible to reduce the proportion of reoperations caused by infection in spinal surgery through preventive measures. Further research is needed in this area. In part quantitative research to evaluate preventive measures, but also qualitative to elucidate the patient's perspective and how suffering can be relieved for the individual.

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