Pendlandet mellan olika identiteter - En kvalitativ studie om Rosengårdungdomars identitetsprocess och interkulturell kommunikation.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för strategisk kommunikation

Sammanfattning: Finding your identity is an on-going process influenced by a lot of factors. The process of finding your identity is in constant motion and totally depending on the norms of society, parental values, and the impact the school and friends has over you. We aim to study the process of identity for youths born in Sweden with parents born in a foreign country, how they experiencing their identity and how they as a process of that, communicate with- and understand others. We have narrowed down our study to second and third generation immigrants who have grown up in a neighborhood called Rosengård, a suburb in Malmoe known for its many immigrants and high criminality. We used semi-structured interviews in aims to interpret our respondents’ perceptions and experiences. Constant upbringings during our interviews with the youths was the word confusion, they all agree that they find it difficult to explain their identity, they explained the difficulties in balancing the constant pressure from parents, cultures, legacy and much more as well as the inner thoughts and believes. We discovered that the process of identity is being explored while communicating with others. The study shows that it occurs a shifting between different identities depending on the situation or people they interact with for the purpose of efficiency. In the end we discuss how we can use intercultural communicative competence to let light on the fact that we together can bring awareness to cultural differences and gather more understanding about different cultures by interacting with them

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