Förhindra långvariga trafikstopp i spårväxlar med rörlig korsning

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för innovation, design och teknik

Sammanfattning: Purpose:The purpose of this study as a part of Trafikverkets continues improvement work is to create ahigher society value with less delayed train traffic. This study will analyze if it’stechnical/administrative possible to eliminate or reduce the delays which accrue when switcheswith swing nose crossing is not in control. The issue has been segmented in three sub issues:1. How does a switch with swing nose crossing work and which factors leads to a stop intraffic?2. What knowledge does train engineer have and how do they work today?3. Is it possible to change the current regulation without decrease the safety?Methodology:Literature study, interview and observation has been performed to see which issues switcheshas and what underlying effects that causes them. A workshop has been held with teacher andstudents in a school for train engineer. Collected data has been analyzed for compilation of thestudies result.Findings:As the regulation is written today it creates a complete stop in traffic when a switch with swingnose crossing goes in control. The studies result shows that train engineers has anunderstanding of the how switches with swing nose crossing works and therefore could it bepossible to alter the regulation. A change in this regulation could mean less delayed traintraffic. But also a greater risk for more collision between train and switches which could lead tothat more switches have to be repaired. A standardized approach in how to control a switchcould decrease this risk.Implications:The purpose of this study through the problem definition is deemed answered. Theunderstanding on the train engineer awareness of switches with swing nose crossing and theirdemands has been a great significance for the development work. More interviews andworkshops would have enhanced the scientific result.Recommendation:I advocate for a change in the regulation so that train engineer are allowed to pass a switch with swingnose crossing even if it’s not in control. There is also of great weight to study the back laying reasonsfor why train engineer misjudge switches position and why the switches doesn’t go in control.

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