Seaweed with several benefits A qualitative study about companies’ interest in an environmental project of seaweed cultivations and important factors to consider when formulating a sustainable value proposition of the concept.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Climate change calls for urgent responsibility, not at least from companies, and limitingactivities is vital to not suppress Earth's systems. Carbon offsetting is a short-term solutionused by companies to lower its environmental impact, but new innovations are needed.Multiple researchers have stated several environmental benefits with seaweed, e.g. having theability to bind nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus as well as carbon dioxide. Theseaweed industry is on momentum in Europe, but is yet to be fully explored. A new conceptfor using the full potential of seaweed cultivations is needed and this research thereforeinvestigates the market possibilities of a seaweed environmental project.The purpose of this research is to increase knowledge in how the seaweed cultivation industrycan potentially expand its business by offering an environmental project for companies toinvest in. A qualitative study has been conducted through semi-structured interviews withseven companies. It explores three industries; food, logistics and transport as well as therestaurant industry. The empirical results show that companies have different drivers anddesires when it comes to investing in an external environmental project, but slight similaritiescan be seen within industries. For companies to invest in a seaweed environmental project,more information is needed, since trustworthiness, transparency and legitimacy is importantfor long term survival for the companies.

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