PLATTA TAK : En utredning om vad som bör beaktas vid projektering och utförande

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Uppsala universitet/Byggteknik; Uppsala universitet/Byggteknik

Sammanfattning: Flat roofs have been common for many decades. They were first build in dry and mountainous areas, then they were spread in the entire world. Today flat roofs are present in all type of buildings. In Sweden they are mostly used in larger houses like shopping malls, industrial buildings and apartment blocks. Flat roofs are very exposed for the elements and since the roof is flat water can easily be stationary. The water will then start drain through slots and the construction will be destroyed. The purpose of this study is to evaluate flat roof construction of today in consideration to leakage and moisture problems. Are today's constructions any good? Are today´s building materials the ones that should be used in tomorrow's constructions? Focus has also been made to evaluate new possible solutions for the construction were prefabricated elements is one.The most leaks can be found were bushings has been made that don’t follow the acquis available. The quality of the construction is good, but there are other circumstances that creates the problems. It’s of great importance to keep water away from the construction under the production time. One way to do that is by making a weather protection. Because of the high cost it is not very common.Prefabricated roof elements have a lot of advantages. Since they are built in controlled indoor conditions building moisture is not a problem. When the roof elements come to the construction site they are already finished and the assembling will go fast and the house will be densely directly. There are some aspects that need further investigations such as transportation of the roof elements.

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