Bakom chefernas masker; En kvalitativ studie om chefers upplevelse av sin chefsroll och si själva i kriser

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Purpose: The purpose of this thesis paper is to create a deeper understanding of how managers perceive their manager role and themselves in a crisis. Furthermore we would like to make a theoretical contribution to the existing literature regarding manager’s identity work and crisis management by investigating how managers perceive their identity work in a crisis. Methodology: In order to fulfill the purpose of this study, and be able to answer the research question a qualitative study has been conducted. The study includes semi-structured interviews with eight managers. This paper’s ontological standpoint is social constructionistic and is based on an abductive method. Theoretical Perspective: The literature review includes previous research regarding the manager’s role in crisis management. Firstly, we present identity work in order to understand factors that contribute to a person’s identity. Then we present previous studies about crisis management and crisis leadership to understand common expectations about the managerial role in a crisis. The literature review ends with a stress theory called Conservation of Resources Theory which relates to individuals' reaction to stressful situations. Empirical Foundation: The empirical foundation consists of our empirical findings regarding how managers perceive their managerial role in a crisis. The findings are then analyzed through the interviewed managers’ perceived external expectations on the manager role. This is followed by an analysis of the managers’ inner personal experiences. Conclusions: In connection with a crisis, the interviewed managers experience friction between an external and internal identity, which gives rise to perceived emotions such as stress and pressure. Furthermore, there are resources that managers value more highly, which seem to be important components in crisis management.

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