Effektivisering av operativt inköp : Fallstudie på Uddeholms AB

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för innovation, design och teknik

Sammanfattning: Purpose: Investigate operational purchasing in industrial companies in Sweden. Furthermore, the study aims at investigating how companies work with continuous improvements in the operational purchasing process, measuring and evaluating results. To be able to answer the purpose of the study, three research questions have been formulated: Which non-value adding factors limit the efficiency of industrial operational procurement processes? How can industrial operational procurement processes potentially be improved? Which ratios can be used to measure and evaluate the outcome of purchasing processes? Methodology and execution: A literature study was conducted in parallel with a case study and benchmarking to answer the research questions. The literature study is based on a study of lean administration, operational purchasing and information-related challenges. The case study consists of value stream mapping of the operational procurement process of purchased materials, a description of order confirmation systems and delivery reporting, observations and interviews. The benchmarking study is based on interviews with operational buyers. Data from cases and benchmarking studies were analysed on the basis of the literature study. Findings: Various non-value adding factors that limit the operational purchasing efficiency have been identified and provide the basis for potential improvements. Based on results from fall, benchmarking and literature studies, proposed improvement proposals for the fall company. Recommendations: In the course of further research, more employees in organizations would be interviewed to broaden knowledge of common challenges in purchasing. Operational buyers, managers in improvement work, purchasing managers and corporate executives would be interviewed to provide different perspectives on decisive factors in streamlining operational purchasing processes. Keywords: Lean, Administration, Operational Purchases, Waste, Information Management in purchasing, Continuous Improvement, Improvement Tools

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