Den tvåfaldiga mångfalden - en postkolonial dekonstruktion av mångfaldsdiskursen

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: The purpose of our master’s thesis is to study the diversity discourse, used in Sweden, particularly the so-called ethnic diversity at the work place discourse.Our aims are to map and analyze the conceptualization of difference used in the diversity rhetoric. We intend to pursue our aim by studying the rhetoric of diversity, used for diversity promotion in the private and public sectors. Also, we will investigate into what conceptualizations of difference are used in the organizations in the name of “diversity”. We will analyze and deconstruct the conceptualizations of difference by looking at their historical and social role in the Western world, Sweden in particular, to show how they pass on and contribute to the ongoing differentiation and exclusion of the immigrant workers within the Swedish labour market, particularly within organizations. Our methodological approach to knowledge and research is critical theory, while our ambition is to produce a reflective and interpretation-based thesis. Our operative method of study is a discourse analysis. The theories we used to analyze our empirical data are the social constructive perspective and the postcolonial theory. We used the postcolonial theory to identify and analyze differentiation and categorization of “the other” by examining social construction of categories such as race, nation, culture, ethnicity, immigrants and Swedes. We used qualitative interviews to gather the empirical data. The data is based on interviews with 13 respondents. We collected data from diversity consultants from the private and the public sector. We also conducted a case study based on four interviews with key-persons at a Swedish company, which has implemented ethnic diversity. Our main conclusions are that the diversity rhetoric used in Sweden is based on a conceptualization of absolute, static and dichotomized differences between “Swedes” and “non-Swedes”. The diversity rhetoric refers implicitly to the colonial discourse of the Western world contra “the inferior other”. Therefore the conclusion of this thesis is that the diversity discourse in Sweden serves the purpose of disguising the inequality, differentiation and exclusion of the “non-Swedish other”.

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